Mesenteric Panniculitis and the COVID vaccine

Posted by beckymel @beckymel, Feb 14, 2021

<p>Hello all!! I was diagnosed with Mesenteric Panniculitis in May 2020 (confirmed in November 2020 with a follow up CT scan) and am very hesitant to start any Prednisone while the pandemic was still going on – I have Hashimotos as well so this isn't my first autoimmune rodeo. Starting today people with autoimmune diseases can get a vaccine appointment in NY, so I will get my first shot tomorrow. Has anyone out there with MP (taking or not taking the Prednisone) gotten the vaccine yet??? Any reactions?? I was told that I will need to stay longer after my shot than others would just in case.</p>

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Good morning @beckymel You’ve asked an interesting question. Has someone suggested to you that you could have a problem with the vaccine? So far, it is rare that someone has been told to avoid the vaccine. Have you discussed this with the doctor who diagnosed you? Asking him/her would be your best first step. Will you let us know what you are told? Becky

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