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Mental health

Posted by Anonymous-7c10ff1c in Mental Health, Jun 22, 2013

I have a teenage son that I'm concerned about. His father has struggled with mental illness and recently gave In and He took his life. I know he was abused as a child and was diagnosed with BPD in his late teens. He had attempted suicide many times before. While this is a horrible loss and we are overwhelmed with grief, My concern now is for my teen son. Should I worry about history repeating?? What can I do to make sure this traumatic event doesn't cause my teen to develop mental illness himself?? Is he in danger of mental health issues or does this kind of thing develop because if a persons upbringing?? Any help or discussion would be appreciated.

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Posted by @pm2819, Jul 3, 2013

I would talk to your own physician, also dr. Drew podcast help a lot as well for some info


Posted by @strappiesandals, Jul 5, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion with podcast. I haven't checked on that yet. Our docs/therapy seem to go with the 'this is a hard age and everyone handles things different'. I just wish this wasn't such a taboo subject.

We all know what to do when our kids have a fever but what do we do when they are hurting in their minds?! No one knows.

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Posted by @pm2819, Jul 6, 2013

Welcome, I'm sure everything will be ok and that your child will move through this phase

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