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Posted by thomasesmom @thomasesmom, Apr 27, 2018

I am searching for information regarding a 24 year old male,who was diagnosed with”ADD”in the 4th grade and was prescribed concerta( new patented
capsule form of Ritalin). Because of joint custody situation,i can only assume he was taking it all 5 school days. Fast forward to middle school where he was given the gift of a rare,caring neighbor,who worked & still does,at my son’s school. Mentoring
is to minimal a term to describe her investment in my son. She knows and Believes in the Power of Education. All things considered, Parents
Remain the significant influence and “Joint custody” is a Huge road block in the way it blocks consistency in the child’s life.
Now it’s high school and Dad buys a phone and despite School policy,son brings phone to school.
Repeatedly,he is given phone back, with no respect to calls from the School Principal.
It wasn’t a healthy situation,for all involved,especially for student/son. He graduated
Not with his class,but during summer with help from Mentor Neighbor.
Fast forward, 5 years , social media,video games, no job or further education,he finally got a great Job & bought a car .He was track for a self reliant
Independent lifestyle. One problem, a girl who had introduced herself to young man 2 years prior,
became an issue. Although they only met that once, social media communication became a problem to the point that an arrest for stalking hangs in the balance. This is a SERIOUS ISSUE
It will ruin a person life if not K kept in check.
My phone is an Amazing Educational tool, but in the hands of young people,it becomes an obsession.
So my question is this,what psychiatric assessments
Are used in the”NGI” process at correctional facilities and is it possible to confirm a diagnosis of a persons mental health after a 45-60 minute discussion?
This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me, so I will
Appreciate Any and All opinions given to me.

Hello @thomasesmom. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Thank you for posting.

What do you mean by NGI? Are you saying that your son is at a correctional facility?

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