Male breast cancer: Anyone other men out there with breast cancer?

Posted by racing212 @racing212, Jul 25, 2019

Any one know anything about it I’m a 50 yo male. I had a mammogram and it showed a mass

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Trixie: Wow…good information. And I am with you…I seem more comfortable in the recliner then laying flat on the bed. Also, I want to say that I am sorry for the pain and discomfort that you have to go through – as with many of the men and women on this post. I was prescribed Gabapentin (100mg) two pills a day three times a day. I do not drink or take drugs…thought this might be a life changer – I might as well been popping M&M's…as a matter of fact I may do that at least there is some satisfaction from that – lol.


Hi @chipmaria, I'd like to add my welcome. Can you help me understand? Because the cancer was found in the lymph nodes in your armpit, you are being treated by a breast cancer specialist. Am I understanding that correctly? Was the lymph node biopsied to determine it was breast cancer related rather than a lymphoma? I'm curious.

I'd also like to bring @racing212 and @agingrobert into this discussion.

Now on to your questions about lymph care post surgery and radiation. You can read more from @trixie1313 and others in these discussions.
– Lumpectomy scar healing time
– Cording / Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)

Have you also been given advice and guidance about prevention of lymphedema?

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Hi Colleen. In February I had a CAT scan done for some unrelated issues I was having. The CAT did not find anything relating to the issues I was having; however, it did find that I had a tumor on my liver and cancer in the lymph nodes. Further evaluation and a biopsy of the liver cancer and the lymph node cancers found them not related. The lymph nodes cancer was identified as squamous cell carcinoma. My liver doctor referred me to the breast cancer doctor since she did not get involved in lymph nodes and breast cancer doctors do. I had some squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cancer on my face in 2018 and 2020 (same spot). Sort of weird; however, none of the doctors will say that the SCC in my lymph nodes came from the SCC in the nose area. Different story obviously. I will be checking out the links you listed Colleen…thank you again. Also, I did go to a lymphedema therapist and she provided me with some exercises and pretty much said to not go on airplanes or visit high altitudes do the impact it would have on the area of where my lymph nodes were.

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