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Menopause! REALLY

Posted by @hartsada9265 in Women's Health, Sep 7, 2011

This discussion is open for women, like me, went through early menopause (40...). When we get a spotting are we always being tested for Cancer or is it really a last period. I am terrified right now because I am going through this right now and have no people to talk to get their experiences in this topic. Thank you!

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Posted by @essence10, Sep 10, 2011

Hi, I not at the spotting stage yet, but I am down to two days of getting my menstruation and it is also coming lighter. I know that it is a matter of time before I get to the point of where you are now. So did you begin with the days dropping from 4 to 3 to 2 and so on?


Posted by @cchantal, May 23, 2012

Hi, this is normal. Been there done that, For health reasons you should see your GYN as I am not a doctor, I am only stating what my friends and I have already lived through. Breath easy...


Posted by @essence10, May 25, 2012


I was not asking for your advice for medical reasons. I was only responding to your experience as a woman going through menopause. I just wanted to know if you experienced changing of your cycle from many days at a time to fewer days at a time. As far as speaking to a doctor that is something that I do on a continuous basis. Just speaking to other women about their experiences can be helpful. I don't think that you read my response to your statement. Well, either way it was nice to converse with you.

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