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Menopause concerns

Posted by @menopausemap in Women's Health, Jul 16, 2011

What do you feel are the main concerns of menopause? i.e. knowlegde, stamina, hot flashes etc. I personally find stamina to my major concerne.

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Posted by @kshephard, Jul 22, 2011

The main problem with menopause is that no one (even in this day and age) TALKS about it. It is still viewed as an "old lady" and "secret" type of issue. For whatever reason, menopause is the LAST thing doctors will even consider if you are "below a certain age". Women don't want to talk about it as if it is the end of something. It drives me bonkers! 🙂 While I wasn't super excited when my period started back in 6th grade -- I'm certainly looking forward to it ending. 🙂

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Posted by @menopausemap, Jul 24, 2011

Yes you are so right! I have two daughters nearing their 40's. Although this is a very young age, it never hurts to help them to know the facts. That is why i created the website I wanted them to know the facts, not just the horror stories. I think you are very smart to start checking the facts at such an early age. We use many of the mayo clinic articles on our site. The Mayo Clinic is a wonderful source.

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