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Menopause at 80

Posted by @faber4689mhr in Mental Health, Jan 21, 2012

I was on Premarin for 35 years. I am 80 years old. I was taken off premarin in non because I was having asthma attacks. Every since then I am going down hill. I had a very fun filled life. I went everywhere and did everything. Now all II do is sit around and cry. I cry for no reason. I am talking about sobbing uncontollable crying. My husband can't help me. Antidepressants can't. My internal medicine dr can't. In the past two months I have been diagnosed with asthma, pneumonia, congestive heart failure and on top of that I have these mood sings, hot flashes, etc. one doc told me to take black cohosh or remiferin because he won't give me back the premarin. I have aged overnight and have lost 15 pounds since march. I don't know what to do. I have an appointment with mental health group into weeks.

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Posted by @tiredofbeingdepressed, Jan 27, 2012

What was your doctors rationale for taking you off premarin after 35 yrs and at the age of 80? Risks must outweigh the benefits to withhold a medication or treatment or surgery. And now with all these symptoms and new diagnosis, I think you have a lotof questions to be answered.
Consider a doctor who will agree with premarin for you. Also consider bioidenticals (plant based) estrogen and progesterone by a holistic or integrative doctor or nurse practioner. Ask a Mayo womens health or integrative health specialist.
I find it very concerning you are going through this.

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Posted by @faber4689mhr, Feb 4, 2012

I have developed asthma. Can be from long term use of permarin. Started taking estrogen jan 10. So far no help. Have. Doc appointment with physchatist next week. On so much medication already. Daughter wants me to see a geriatric doctor.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Posted by @faber4689mhr, Feb 4, 2012

Not estrogen but estroven.

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