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Menopause and joint Pain

Posted by @jsasha, Oct 12, 2012

Hllo …I am going through menopause and have joint pain quite often. I am also experiencing hot flashes and nght sweats. I have tried several things like (beneflaxin a narcotic my doc prescribed). I had to stop that one it made me loopy. I’ve also tried menopol and several others with no results. Well, maybe a little and then they come back full force. I have been taking Amberen now for almost 3 months. I thought it was helping at first, then all of a sudden, BAM!!! I had partial hysterectomy 2 years ago. I have 1 ovary left. My doctor recommended Premarin, but I am afraid of that HRT. I know the history and do not want to take the risks. I also exercise (yoga, jogging and weight lifting). I am taking the recommended vitamins (E, B’s, flax seed, C, etc). I don’t know what else to do beside ride it out. Any recommendations or suggestions.


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