Meningioma brain tumor

Posted by dianerock @dianerock, Jan 21, 2017

I was diagnosed with this tumor on my left sphenoid bone in back of head May 2016. Had Gamma Knife Radiation in Pittsburgh in July. Just had mri to compare. No shrinkage. A little growth. Now what?

I homed-in on your message @dianerock in order to share information on a breakthrough by Duke University researchers on treatment of malignant tumors of the brain. However, I wonder whether that would be an excessive response to your case. Meningioma’s are rarely malignant; although they grow gradually in the tissues that protect the brain and nervous tissues, only about one tumor in 10 becomes malignant. Even so, if growth continues — usually slowly — it can cause problems by putting pressure on the nervous tissues it surrounds.

There is more information available at Another source I ran across is As I understand this information, there is a variety of conditions involved and a variety of treatments for meningiomas. I think a long discussion with your surgeon or neurologist would be your best hope of getting a picture of the future for you, and you may feel still better after a second opinion with another physician with recognized expertise in the field. The two web sites might give you the half-dozen strategic questions you could use to drive the conversation with those doctors.

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