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Men calling women Bipolar.

Posted by @sarahlayne23, Jan 10, 2012

As a 30 year old single woman, from anyone like my friends to people on dating sites use the label Bipolar for any woman that they thought was crazy or didn’t get along with or whatever. Every time I hear “I am looking for someone who …..funny…smart…and is not bipolar,” it makes me so sad. Those of us that are bipolar have an illness and the labeling of people because they didn’t treat you right or you fought with them is not being BIPOLAR.

When I start to see someone, I think about “What if this relationship continues? When am I suppose to tell him? At what part of this relationship will I know that telling him will not run him off, because the word Bipolar is fragrantly thrown around? Will he run or stay and listen to my illness?

I have been thinking about this and I finally am letting it out.

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Posted by @roxie43, Jan 26, 2012

society can be cruel with name calling and it can lead to stigma and discrimination. I have always been proud of who I am and I am not defined by my illness although I must admit others have tried to define me by it.
I see it like this…be honest, proud, and demonstrate by your actions that you are more than an illness. If the person sticks around they care about you not a label and if they run for the hills at least you know that the person may have been uninformed, not worth your time or simply afraid.
It’s always best to be upfront and take good care of yourself. I’d rather have someone want to be with me…all of me.

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