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nana sova

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Posted by @nanasova, Nov 28, 2011

I have been diagnosed with eye melanoma .I have read a lot of information on the subject .There was no mention of drugs I am currently shopping for a part D prescription drug coverage by knowing what drugs might be subcribed will help in my sellection .My concern is I only have until December 7 th to choose my plan. my specialist appoint is on December 6th. Has any one had this same eye melanoma if so what was your exsperience treatment and outcome I am terrified



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Posted by @filli6011, Dec 2, 2011

hello, I hear you & understand your terror. I am a breast cancer patient but I know a very good retina specialist who may help you. Dr Robert Barone. My mom’s doctor ( he is very personal & really listens) ALso Dr. Perlmutter in the same office 973-383-6345 ask for an email of either or both physicians & leave a message to speak t o them. IF you don’t get a call back in 24hrs call after 6pm & ask to speak to them if they are on call. Find out the day they are on call in evenings. Perlmutter is very easy to talk to he is a opthalmologist but very knowledgable & kind. Ok to tell them I referred you. Call me any morning or pm after 7-11pm is ok. after 12 is ok if you really need to talk ( just leave your name & # & I will call you back state how late> I will pray for you. I don’t know the answer to your questions but I am sure the will help. Also call your local pharmacists ( rite aide or walmarks) they may know. Also , David Miller, MD is a doctor who also helped me in the past. He may be able to help you too, He is only at that # some days ask when he is coming. Pray & do not lose heart, most important come to JESUS, He is the Great Physician. God loves you. Your friend filli6011

Gramma Lori

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Posted by @grammalori, Dec 20, 2011

Hi, I just joined this site, but have been there and done that. I was diagnosed in October of 2008 with choroidal melanoma of the left eye. They did brachytherapy on the eye. It continued to shrink for two years. Two years later, in November of 2010 the diagnoses was metastatic melanoma: three tumors in the liver, one in the lung and in three areas along my spine. My doctor in Milwaukee had told me there basically was nothing that they could offer me, except a possible clinical trial. Told me (when I asked) I had 3-6 months. I researched my type of cancer and found Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN had the world’s leading research team in melanoma cancer. The team up there, under the direction of Dr. Markovich immediately had a plan; Chemo and the plan of attack were the drugs Abraxane, Carboplatin and Avastin. I started chemo in January and was on chemo for 8 months. Most of the tumors shrank, but I had two new ones in my brain. They did the Gamma-Knife surgery for those. Since October of this year, I’ve been on an immunotherapy drug called Leukine. I inject myself 14 days on , 14 days off. My scans in November showed the tumors were all stable; they hadn’t shrunk anymore since last scans in September and there weren’t any new ones. The drugs all had side effects, but were tolerated well. (I was a 50 year old healthy female, prior to the chemo.) The Avastin required a grant from the drug maker, since my health insurance provider denied coverage. (It was considered experimental for melanoma cancer.)

Hope this info helps you. Any other questions/concerns, please let me know.

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