Melanoma in Lung after COVID

Posted by tarak22 @tarak22, May 14 8:44am

I had lung inflammation after COVID for at least 3 months with it lasting longer in the left lung. Recently I was diagnosed with melanoma in the left lung.

It is currently contained though—not showing up in lymphatic, circulatory, or central nervous system via scans or bloodwork. I had cutaneous melanoma 18 years ago which was excised at Stage 1 with clear margins.

My early doctors discounted my melanoma history thinking it was a slow growing neuroendocrine tumor.

If you had cancer before, please have your doctors do a full body scan to rule out its re-activation of dormant cells in your body.

Mayo declined my case before the biopsy was done and it was only understood that I had liver cysts/lesions, spine lesion, breast mass, and lung nodule. While I can’t go back and undo the damage done, perhaps this knowledge can help someone else in similar circumstances to advocate better for themselves.

I’m in good hands now as Moffitt is taking over my care and is a leading provider in melanoma treatment. I do hope that Moffitt and Mayo could collaborate to learn more on how COVID can reactivate cancer.

If Mayo is interested in receiving updated files, I’d be more than happy to add to further research and understanding.

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I know two oncologists who have seen increasing numbers of "statistically-unusual" numbers of cancers who believe Covid and the mRNA vax are associated with these events partly because of the correlation of timing and the location and the side of the body where the mRNA injection was given. I know that one internationally-lauded cancer treatment facility is (quietly and very much 'off the radar') collecting data showing the same anomaly.

It would be nice to believe that we were all allowed to know (or know) everything that scientists knew so we were in fact allowed to make the highly-recommended informed decisions when facing such a health threat but that was not the case. It would also be nice to believe that no other lethal viral research matter could be leaked onto the populace, then lied about, but that is not the case either.

I have three friends currently dealing with neuropathy that hit them within weeks of an mRNA booster. All of them are educated, affluent medical consumers who can travel anywhere to seek medical expertise and who've seen multiple doctors who've told them that they themselves (the doctors) are being swamped with new patients suffering the same injuries but that the medical community has yet to come to some understanding of exactly what the damage is…and far from being able to treat it. In two cases, the person can barely walk despite being able-bodied before the mRNA injections

I wonder how the scientific community will view the full damage done by Covid to the human population decades from now. And if it will continue to be suppressed and discouraged by state censorship which continues to be a huge issue.

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