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Ron Johnston

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Posted by @ronjohnston, Jan 11, 2012

Last wek I went to our family doctor and he took two samples of skin, one from my nose and the other from my neck. I received a call today from the nurse and she said that the one on my nose was a basel cell and no problem, but the one on my neck was melanoma and they wanted me to come in to have it removed. My wife is concerned that it may be contagious if I use a wash cloth on my neck and also use the same wash cloth on some other part of my body



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Posted by @femavtor, Feb 13, 2012

Ron, I don’t believe melanoma is contagious. Do have it Taken care of right away. My hubby
Is Stage 4 metastasized melanoma. Our story is a long one it would be easier to do this by private message.

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