Posted by archer @archer, Nov 22, 2018

—My medications are Metoprolol (50mg twice daily) and Losartan (25mg once daily). The Metoprolol dosage was an increase which my physician prescribed about three years ago. My question is this: Does anyone her take a higher dosage of Metoprolol (or another beta-blocker)? My most troubling symptom is dizziness, sometimes feeling near-fainting. (A fainting episode ten years ago is what first sent me to the doctor.) Lately, the dizziness has gotten a bit worse. Was wondering if an increased dosage has helped anyone with this symptom.


Do you have a pacemaker ?

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No….sorry I just saw your reply…no pacemaker


Hello. I am fairly new here. Was just wondering if anyone takes verapamil and Labetalol for this condition. I have insomnia and terrible nightmares when I do sleep. Is this normal

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