Medicines for bronchiectasis have affected my eyes so decided to stop

Posted by marilynk @marilynk, May 13 8:39pm

I cough a lot (I also have Mac andNocardia) but lately I cough blood with the mucus as well as dark colored sputum. Blood seems to be almost daily 1 Tbsp. Or so. I know capillaries break also.

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What did your doctor say about it? Have you consulted with your doctor?


Regarding stopping your medications: It is always a good rule of thumb to first and foremost to talk to your health provider before stopping or adjusting any medications. As for your cough and status of your mucus, I would also consult with your health provider.


Yes, I’m off all meds except for azithromicin to help keep my chronic bronchitis in check. She increased the zith and it has stopped the bleeding. Meds affected my sight big time. Dry macular in left eye and central serus rhetinopathy in the right.

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