Posted by jannyfranny @jannyfranny, Mar 25, 2018

Does anyone know if it is true that Mayo Clinic does not accept Medicare patients unless they were a patient prior to going on Medicare?

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Hello @jannyfranny. I have not heard of this, but billing is well out of my scope of knowledge. I think the best thing would be to contact billing and ask them that question as they will be better suited to answer and explain, @jannyfranny, if you are comfortable sharing, are you looking to seek an appointment with Mayo Clinic?


I think the moderator is in the position to know that answer about Medicare. I called Mayo Clinic once and the operator asked me what insurance I had. I replied Medicare and plan F b.s. b's. He told me that Mayo Clinic adds 35% on to all Medicare billing. I have read that Mayo defends their position but does a soft shuffle dance to soften the blow. Do your research. It does seem greedy that they do that. Most older people are on fixed incomes. Some people who are ill are strapped as well.


This is disappointing. Our population is aging and those that are very sick go yo mayo and may depend upon Medicare. Sad.

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