Medicare quarterly premiums - can you pay on monthly basis?

Posted by caretakermom @caretakermom, May 10 5:00pm

Hi everyone,
My husband qualifies for Medicare because he is a kidney transplant patient. He works full time and is not yet retired, so not on social security or disability. He qualifies for Medicare until early part of 2024.
We get a quarterly bill from Medicare and the premium total is the cost of coverage for the next 3 months. We have been making payments on a quarterly basis (via and are thinking of switching to monthly as that is more manageable financially. We are wondering if we can take the total premium for the quarter, divide by 3, to get the monthly premium. Has anyone ever been able to pay your premium monthly and not get penalized? We find the Medicare CSRs don't always give consistent answers and that is why we are seeking inputs from this kind of forum. TIA. Looking forward to your response!

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@caretakermom Hello again from a fellow post transplant patient! You can pay his payment monthly via ACH debit from your bank account and can do this on as I did at transplant in Dec 2020. I believe I paid the first three months at once and then set up the auto payments. You always are paying for the next month in advance. I had my employer health insurance at time of transplant. I will end my 1st 30 months now in May 2023 and it will flip to Medicare primary, BCBS secondary for the last six months ending in November 2023. There is coordination of benefits if you were covered by an employer/ private health plan at the time of transplant. I have to remember to stop the auto payments after the Oct debit. Take care!


Jennifer , I hope you are well , thank you for the support hug … god bless you in everything you do in life … I have always been a winner, it’s the only game .. Jen go out and win this battle . Kick butt . You will do it !

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