Medical care for Grover's disease: How do you find a good doctor?

Posted by wen1011 @wen1011, Jul 2, 2021

I’m newly diagnosed with Grovers Disease. None of the providers in my area seem to know how to treat it. Does anyone have advice on how to connect with a good provider?

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Fruit smoothies with fresh cilantro. Read a number of the past blogs. There is more knowledge in them than any doctor can provide. Pay attention to “garden junkies” she is incredibly enlightening.


Hi @wen1011, welcome. It can be a challenge to find a provider familiar with Grover's disease. @kimass1 @ccamargo82 @nodgabnoj @mnitchke and @gardeningjunkie may have some tips on how to find a knowledgeable doctor.

Unfortunately, Grover's disease — also known as transient acantholytic dermatosis – has no cure. To decrease the effects of Grover's disease, the first line of treatment is to avoid factors that can cause and aggravate the condition, such as high environmental temperatures, significant sweating, and dry skin. While no one treatment reliably relieves Grover's disease in all cases, effective therapies are available.

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Wen, Have you been referred to a dermatologist?

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