Medicaid or Private Insurance

Posted by parkersass20 @parkersass20, Jan 19 2:37pm

I’m trying to find out if my care or Mayo will differ if I have private insurance or Medicaid.

I have an undiagnosed, as it seems, difficult to diagnose condition, and need to know if doctors might limit the breadth of testing to save money if I have Medicaid and not private insurance.

I might have the opportunity to pay for private health insurance, but it would severely limit the time window I would have for living in Rochester, shrinking it if I applied for Medicaid from 18-24 months to 8-12 months.

I need a no reputation covering honest answer. Thank you very much for your time.


Hello @parkersass20 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I understand you are looking for information to help you decide which type of insurance may best suit your need for care at Mayo Clinic.

I want to provide you some resources to help you get started while we wait for other members to share their experiences.

For further information about billing and insurance, check out this resource:

This webpage provides information on insurance at Mayo Clinic which includes:
•Insurance types
•Approval from insurers
•Guidance for denied claims
•International patients
•Uninsured (self-pay) or underinsured patients
•Insurance FAQs
•Glossary of billing and insurance terms
•Contact numbers and online form

You could also call Patient Account Services (toll-free):
– Minnesota

You mentioned if you should pay for private health insurance it would limit the time window for living in Rochester. Can you clarify that impact a bit more?

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