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Posted by @curte, Oct 27, 2012

My wife flew to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix after a prolonged (undiagnosed) ilness. She spent 2 weeks there seeing all kinds doctors. She saw several doctors in our home town that were unable to help her. The “last resort” was traveling to a hospital where she hoped to get some answers (Mayo). Well, what a waste of time and money!!!! Mayo sent her home with no diagnosis and told her that her symptoms were all in her head and prescribed going to a phschiatrist for depression and going to a pain management doctor to “learn” to cope with her pain. What a f’king JOKE!!! Needless to say she left there feeling like she was going nuts. She thought she was losing her mind. No way was she that sick with nothing wrong. She finally went to a different local doctor last week and was diagnosed with Gitelman’s Syndrome….a genetic kidney disease. She is hopefully on her way to improving her health after finally finding a doctor with his/her head out of their ASS. What a crappy experience the Mayo was. BEWARE…..the doctors there are no better / worse than you can find in your home town!!!! I want my money back for plane tickets, doctors visits, hotels, rental car, etc…..


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