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Posted by Lisa @techi, Aug 4, 2018

I went to the Mayo Clinic last year so l am a prior patient so from time to time l look at my medical records. Some people would say why do you do that? But working in the medical field prior that just s habit but l notice now l getting resources about meds, new test, diets, and progress in the medical. I had to go yesterday for a second mammogram and ultrasound The doctor was telling me about th he lymph nodes he saw and then he told me he would have to do a MRI because their was one small nodule he couldn't see so he wants to make sure it's just a lymph node and nothing else. And if it was they would do l biopsy. Wel lm sometimes doctors are in awe when l ask them questions or tell them something l read or know from experience. So when he said biopsy. I asked him do they do a liquid biopsy he was shocked l said that. He said that's still in the experimental stage and l said to myself l am glad l read those resources from the Mayo Clinic. I always try to keep myself educated and so many friends and family members say how you know that. I even tell doctors, friends about recalls on meds, what new test they have out there to take. I always say educate yourself before you go to the doctor because one time after l got a diagnosis my doctor said we don't run those test and l was so blessed had another doctor that did.

Hi, @techi — seems that it's been very helpful to you in your medical care to be an educated patient. That's great, and it really helps you advocate well for yourself.

One resource I like to point members to in order to learn about their medical conditions is

What resources – that might be useful to those who don't have a medical field background – would you say have been the most valuable to you in becoming and staying educated as a patient?

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