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mayo chat & privacy policy breach?

Posted by @2 in Visiting Mayo Clinic, Aug 29, 2011

I just signed up from an htc. Everything appeared to work but I didn't see any privacy options although
site stated there was privacy. When I browsed members I discovered my name & age listed. It remained after repeated, supposedly successful privacy settings updates. Can anyone help???? No response from member support yet.

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Posted by Anonymous-8efa72f9, Aug 29, 2011



Posted by @elmerfudd, Oct 2, 2014

Are there any advocates to help me figure out how to finance this trip cost to mayo and for odds and ends that are left over to pay out of pocket? I have insurance, it's a HMO (better one) so I am sure that I will be stuck with bills. Also is the money paid up front or can people make payments on the balance assuming that it's below 5,000. Where does my spouse stay during my exams? I have to be examined whole picture from head to toe. The common theme of all of my conditions seems to be inflammatory.. My doctors and specialists are looking to identify or name what I have into one thing but can't diagnose. There simply is too much going on with me. It's complex. Am I a good candidate for Mayo with my doctors all in disagreement over what this condition as a whole is called?


Posted by @kamuela, Oct 5, 2014

Just figure out what you "total out of pocket" is and that should be the upper limit of your financial liability. Mayo has two campus Marriott's - so your spouse can stay there if you are hospitalized. You are allowed to make payments at Mayo. I've been going there this past year and everything is handled beautifully.

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Posted by @elmerfudd, Oct 5, 2014

Most sincere thank you to you. It's always about time off of work for person
staying with me and travel expenses...I suppose for everyone. Marriot goes
beyond what is needed luxury wise for my husband. We need to spend far less.
Sad that in America, we are lacking a special stay hotel for patient companions.
It's really needed for middle- middle class people with big deductibles to pay
to hospital on extended stay.

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