Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

Posted by Laurie @roch, Dec 30, 2021

FYI – If you have future visit to Mayo, they have updated their mask policy.

You are now required to wear surgical/procedural, N-95 or KN-95 mask. Surgical mask are the disposal mask. No cloth mask, mask with exhalation valves, gaiters, or bandanas.

But do not worry, if you do not have a surgical mask, they will provide one during screening at hospital / clinic entrances.

See news announcement: Dec 29, 2021

Note from the Community Director

Mayo Clinic regularly updates their information about COVID safety protocols. As you prepare to come to Mayo Clinic, check these sites:

– Visiting Mayo Clinic safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
– Acceptable masks at Mayo Clinic

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@jeanern01 Medical facilities including hospitals and medical offices have the added burden to provide as much protection to vulnerable patients/visitors/people as they can. Like so many here on Mayo Clinic Connect, I fall into that "vulnerable" group, and appreciate what is done to urge protection for everyone. And like so many here, I am tired of Covid, but more scared what might happen to me if I get exposed and fall victim to it, even with my vaccinations and booster!

What is tough is all we see (members, mentors, moderators, and general readers alike) is words on a page. We cannot hear the inflection in words, nor see another person's facial expression, to "get" the full meaning of those words! It is a true enough negative when it comes to reading posts here. I have learned to read with a blank slate in my mind, and try to see how someone else might have sounded like or expressed in facial movements, plus their words. In the end, we are communicating, and that is always good, don't you think?

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I have lung cancer and recently had lung surgery. Wearing a mask causes my breathing to become very labored. But I still wear an N95 whenever I go out, because I know I am vulnerable. Surgical masks are easier to wear as they are not that tight fitting. I ask to be in a separate room and not in a general waiting room when I go for appointments.

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