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May Thurner Syndrome

Posted by @ddbnewmexico, Mon, Jan 7 9:38am

I am wondering how to go about having Mayo Clinic can give me a second opinion on my possibly having May Thurner Syndrome. Based on my history of blood clots in my left leg, beginning with my first pregnancy at 23, he suggested we should check. The MRI I had did not rule out May Thurner. He explained that next they'll insert a probe up my left leg to do an ultrasound and an xray to see if my right iliac artery is pressing on my left iliac vein. If so, he said the treatment is to have a stent put in the vein. BUT he said they may not have the correct size of stent, and that I may have to come back after the diagnosis to have the stent put in. That makes me think of a mechanic working with an incomplete set of tools, and I don't know what to do next, but I don't want that! Is there an online review? Or do I need to get an appointment?


@ddbnewmexico I strongly suggest you get an appointment at Mayo. Go to where you will be able to get phone numbers for whichever Clinic is closest to where you live. If you’re not sure which department to get an appointment with, choose general internal medicine. There you will meet with someone that will send you to the right doctors for your specific needs. This will help get you on the right road to recovery.

I'm sorry for your health issues. My wife and I had a rough start with our first born. She was hospitalized at the end of her pregnancy for a blood clot in her left thigh. After that she had several tests done. About 10years ago doctors at Mayo found that she had Factor V Leiden(a blood clotting disorder) since that she has had to stay on blood thinners and constantly have her blood checked. I hope this may help you.

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