Matula Tea h. pylori cure

Posted by wauchopebruce @wauchopebruce, Jan 9, 2022

Matula Tea, which is beautifully packaged but very expensive, is advertised as a current for h. Pylori infection. My spouse has a very unpleasant h. pylori infection. Has this tea been tested scientifically; i.e., does it successfully cure h. pylori infections? Thank you.

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Hi @wauchopebruce and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

I see you saw the other conversation regarding Matula Tea, though it is quite an older discussion so I am glad you brought this up again.
There are a few articles where they state that green tea does aide in the cure of H pylori.
What all has your spouse tried so far?


My spouse had H. Pylori about 5 years ago and tried the strong antibiotic prescription regimen, in addition to most of the non- prescription stuff suggested online, but no success. She then tried the Matula Tea and believes that's what cured her. What is so special about this tea?
Since she now has tested positive for H. pylori, we have just ordered the tea again, and will find out if it works again. By the way, she is the only one in our family to get sick with H. pylori.


Any update on this?, Has this treatment been successful?

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