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MaryEllen's Journey - a 5-part breast cancer video series from Mayo Clinic (episode 5)

Posted by @MakalaArce, Jul 5, 2011

MaryEllen Sheppard knew something was wrong as soon as she felt a thickened patch of skin on her right breast. She didn’t feel a lump, but knew the change was different enough to get it checked out. A mammogram and subsequent biopsy caught her by surprise. She had breast cancer. Looking to share her experience with other women coping with this disease, the 53-year-old mom (and new grandmother) from Tempe, Arizona, allowed a video crew from Mayo Clinic in Arizona to follow her on her journey.

In this final installment of MaryEllen’s Journey, MaryEllen shares how she was feeling during those last chemotherapy and radiation appointments and visits with Mayo again post-treatment to share what she did to get her life back on track.

We truly thank MaryEllen for giving Mayo Clinic’s video crew open access to her life to share her story and experiences with others going through a breast cancer diagnosis. It was a privilege getting to know her and help her share her story with you all.


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