Mammagrams for 75yr olds

Posted by blondbritt @blondbritt, Feb 2, 2019

I am 81 and hadn't had a mammogram for 6 years because my Primary Care told me I didn't need one after I turned 75. Lucky for me the local University Health Science Center had a mobile unit near me recently. I signed up and was told within 2 hours I needed to have follow-up and biopsy. Did that and I am in stage 2. Have seen medical oncologist and see surgical oncologist on Monday. I have a large lump that couldn't be felt because it was deep and against my chest wall. I am an extremely active person, involved in county and national politics. everyone tells me they think I am in my 60's. Who started the idea that women over 75 should not have mammograms? Women are living a lot longer nowadays. I have and older sister (85)who plays golf every day and is a world traveller and most of my friends are in their 80s and 90's. I plan to be around a long time but could have been detoured if it wasn't for that mobile unit.

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I'm 81, too. I was told the same thing and didn't have a mammogram for three years, until I found the lump myself at 79. My right breast is gone, along with 10 lymph nodes, I went through chemo and 30 radiation treatments..

Just had a mammogram on the left breast two days ago and waiting for the results. After the cancer diagnosis and before my surgery, I told my oncologist that my family doctor said older women don't need mammograms anymore, and she was furious. She said if anyone needed them more, it's older women. I don't know where it came from, but it looks like we got the same bad info.


I have other friends who said they were told the same thing. My Oncologist was furious too. She told me the 80's are the old 60's. Your on oncologist said the same as mine– older women need the mammograms. Praying your biopsy will be fine.

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