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Male nipple pain

Posted by @acjack, Aug 15, 2012

56 year old white male with lifetime history of obesity. Current weight 300 lbs. after losing aprox. 200 lbs. between 2005-2012. Extremely white, sensitive skin. From 6/20/12 through 7/15/12 my small house and yard were infected by sand fleas and I received numerous bites. On 7/30/12 began to feel pain only in left nipple after slightly bending over. Pain is sharp, stabbing, and feels hot. No sign of any obvious breast abnormality except large, flabby breasts from obesity. Visited doctor on 8/1/12. Doctor’s opinion was gynecomastia — enlarged breasts. Mammogram on 8/3/12 revealed nothing and radiologist concurred with doctor. Pain persists in nipple only when bending over and nipple often feels warm. I have type 2 diabetes under excellent control via diet. Blood test on 8/8/12 showed low testosterone (309), high LH (10.0), FSH (5.5), high BUN (25), and high BUN/Creatinine Ratio (23). Have no problem with doctor’s diagnosis, but concerned it might be Paget’s disease or some form of breast or lymphatic cancer. Have made appointment with local surgeon to perform biopsy. He may not do it. I have no problem with doctor’s initial diagnosis of gynecomastia, but just want peace of mind. Any experiences like this? I’d really rather not suffer through a painful biopsy if I don’t have to.


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