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Posted by @bink, Oct 5, 2013

Hi i am just wondering has anyone taken the medicine Creon for malabsorption and if so how was your experience with this medicine ? .



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Posted by @jewill, Dec 6, 2016

I was given creon 3600 for EPI. Exocrine pancreatic insuffency. Creon works good but you need a low fat diet and supplments epi causes malabsorption so you need lot of supplments. No dr would give me this info so i researched it on the web it has helped me become more stable.i had dirrhea for over 300 days went to dr after dr finally one did a fat fecal test and gave me creon but they dont give you any other info and if you are on medicare it isnot worth ther time to bother but ther is a lot of info on the net.taking too much creon can cause a lot of serious problems check it out on the web what caused your malabsorpiom. Jewill

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