Making facemasks

Posted by ihatediabetes @ihatediabetes, Mar 25, 2020

Hi everyone, I am spending time learning to sew and making facemasks for the hospitals. They asked for volunteers to make these due to shortage. I spent several days trying to hand-sew masks. It was so time consuming. So I bought a $99 sewing machine from Walmart and have been learning to use it by making facemasks. I still can't reload a bobbin so I bought preloaded bobbins. I haven't sewed since I was in home economics class in 8th grade. I plan to donate these 11 facemasks tomorrow at a local hospital. They have a drive-through lane for donations.

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I have a question to anyone making masks. What are you using for a metal nosepiece, if you're using one? Thanks.

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@lesflowers Hi, for occasional users, we don't use a noespiece.
For daily users, we use real pipecleaners from a smoke shop, made of white cotton type chenille with aluminum wires. They are shorter than the craft ones, and we bend the ends over on themselves about 1/2" to avoid poking the face. My cousin was using copper electrical wire stripped of its insulation and bent on the ends – fine gauge wored best.
Wire reinforced masks must be handwashed and air dried.
Also, for daily users, we leave the top open so a filter can be inserted if desired.


@colleenyoung I’ve been doing a lot of research on the masks. What I have found out is that our home made masks won’t prevent the virus, but they can help with social isolation. Signals people to stay 6’ away. Also, reminds you not to touch your face. It is impossible to find the right filters for the “to-code” masks, anyway.

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I cannot even sew a button on properly. Don't laugh, it's true! I end up with the thread knotting, breaking, getting blood on what I'm trying to put the button on–OH, I am a mess. No way could I make a mask! Anyway, I did read this: you can take a new filter for a sweeper–one which is for HVAC–anyway, and sew this into the mask. I can't remember now. I have a problem with my memory! Perhaps you may research this??? God bless you! May we all stay sane and well during this time of isolation! I have hibernated since December. I was ill then this happened. I am very happy to have a computer. It's old but it works! I ordered it from QVC. Can you believe that and it is several years old.

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