Major stressors since October

Posted by bobsgift @bobsgift, Mon, Sep 16 5:37am

October 2018 I was t.boned by an elderly man..small concussion and weeks of physical therapy for pain; Nov..a dear friend hit by drunk driver and killed; Dec..daughter suicide attempt resulting in psy hospital over Christmas; Feb….husband fell on bike and broke pelvis; Mar….daughter's grandpa died of suicide; April..3 significant father figures all died; May..daughter in crisis again; June; husband emergency appendectomy for burst appendix; August..daughter's grandma died

I've been in therapy since February..weekly..yet I still struggle soo much with depression. I take my meds, walk daily but crave sugar and junk like I never used to. I continue to mostly enjoy my life and volunteer work but more and more have to really force myself. I'm wondering with this stress for so long now id my psyche, body and spirit have eomehiw been permanantly changed?

@bobsgift You mentioned you are on medications. Have you had a complete workup both physically and mentally, recently? You might be needing to have your medications changed either in dosage or type. Sometimes what works for a while becomes a hindrance, and there needs to be a change. It is clear from your post, that you have had a lot of things going on this past year. I suggest you check back in with your doctors and get their feedback. Be gentle on yourself.

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