Major Depression

Posted by sgtmca @sgtmca, Nov 16, 2012

I’ve just been diagnosed with Major depressive affective disorder, recurrent, moderate. I’m not started on medication yet and would like to know what to expect. All are welcome to this discussion. This whole thing is intimidating for me and the stigma attached to depression makes me sort of ashamed.

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You have thousands of people experincing the same condition…some of those that do nothing about it wine up in trouble BIGTIME…..some are doing hard time in an prison, some don’t even know why they are incarserated,don’t remember what they have done to get there, some have all kinds of legal ,and criminal problems,snd the problems keep sprillowing down…there is no stigma.nothing to be ashamed of..just get better it will make you a stronger person…….I have been there before !


List of famous people who have been depressed:

The stigma is lessening all the time and it is the problem of people who don’t understand you. Please get the care you need -you are good enough. Many people take anti-depressants and nobody knows outside of people they trust.


The stigma gets better with time, and you can choose who you want to know. The meds will take time to get used to, just like any. The thing to remember is you will feel better! 🙂


I understand the feeling of shame. I live with it every day. I dont feel there are easy answers to that. Depression is a lonely battle that you dont have to fight alone. You dont have to advertise you have depression or do, everyone has something that shames them. We are all people and you will make it!!! Keep posting!!!


TIME magazine did a cover story on depression in an effort to de-stigmatize depression. Having depression tends to over stigmatize an already tough situation. I can tell you that with the right anti-depression medication you will feel amazingly improved. I find that stopping my self-criticism makes a ‘cure’ much easier to secure in its place over time. D123


Oh, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln each suffered severe depressions. A fascinating book/audiobook is about Lincoln’s melancholy as depression used to be called. D123

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