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Hi Friends,
I have been reading posts regarding MAC, acid reflux and GERD. I too have suffered with what I thought was acid reflux. Mayo conducted many, many tests and yes GERD is problematic. I was put on those horrible drugs for years and this was causing more of the problem. I found out I my acids needed for proper digestion was low due to these drugs. I found a group and Dr. Norm that has helped me get off these drugs and I feel so much better regarding this area. FAST TRACT DIET, Dr. Norm Rollibard. FODMAP diet is also another diet you may want to check out. Certain carbs can cause use to have acid reflux. I am treating my SIBO and GERD via the recommendations and have been off the drugs now for 9 months ( weaned my body off the drug I was using).I rarely take one tum. These drugs can also cause us to fall susceptible to pneumonia. Maintenance is key. You may want to check them out.

Hi @melrosedecosmo, Thank you for starting a new discussion dedicated to the topic GERD and MAC. The topic was first introduced by @ehliny in the main MAC discussion thread here with valuable contributions and thoughts by @heathert @boomerexpert @gaylejean @tdrell @katemn @windwalker @cila @irene5.

@melrosedecosmo, Rosie that is really interesting information! Thank you for sharing! Hugs! Katherine

Rosie, since this is a new thread and people will not be reading though the past pages of the main MAC thread .. I hope you don’t mind if I share some GERDS notes I have kept? Possibly they may help someone who just stops at this thread?

GERDS GERDS is very common .. either before or after MAC meds. I had it prior to MAC meds .. I think a result of a terrible bout of pneumonia in 2003 and multiple prescriptions of antibiotics and steroids .. just ripped up my stomach. Dr. Aksamit said it is thought there is a connection between GERDS and MAC .. as well as Bronchiectasis. Hope this helps clarify!

*From Member @tdrell Terri who was diagnosed at National Jewish Health for MAC in Denver * The reason MAC was found in my lungs when I had the bronchoscopy was that I have severe GERD and since it…NTM is in tap water….it had been aspirated into my lungs as I slept plus silent aspiration during day into my lungs. * …..Gerd fluid restriction is 6 ounces an hour including yogurt ice cream….no eating 3 hours before sleep…no laying on right side when sleeping….anatomically it encourages fluid from stomach to go into lungs.

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Thank you so much for sharing that, I will look it up when I get a moment.

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