MAC again

Posted by shifra @shifra, Feb 23, 2019

It's 7 years since I finished the MAC cocktail and it seems the MAC has returned. Is it too soon to go back on that cocktail? I was very sick with it at that time and don't know if I can survive another 18 months. Are there any other options?

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Hello Shifra – Everybody is different, with their own physiology & other medical conditions to consider. Was the return of MAC diagnosed with multiple sputum specimens, or is this an assumption based on symptoms? I would be sure the MAC showed up in multiple cultures, and that sensitivity tests were conducted before I even considered the meds a second time. There are people on this list (like Terri) who have worked out alternative regimens with their doctors. Make sure you have a pulmonologist and/or infectious disease specialist who is well-versed in MAC on your treatment team. Good luck!

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