Slow-growing lymphoma now showing activity in nasal area

Posted by gra0714 @gra0714, Aug 23 1:10pm

My husband was diagnosed with slow growing lymphoma over 5 yrs ago. He received chemo and has been regularly followed with no cancerous activity detected until recently. Activity in his right nasal area was detected in a follow up PET scan and we are waiting for the next step. Does anyone have personal experience that they can share?
I am worried about possible radiation therapy in that area and effect on other areas which can then affect ability to eat.

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Hi @gra0714 Oh gosh, I’m sure this wasn’t the news you were hoping to hear, that your husband’s lymphoma has made repeat appearance.
May I ask what type of lymphoma your husband had that was treated and remained in remission until now?
Did the doctor feel this was a relapse of the prior lymphoma or a new cancer? Radiation can be the first response treatment but often it’s secondary to chemo. So maybe your husband won’t require radiation therapy.

Waiting is the worst…when is his consultation appointment?


My mom had nasal cancer over 25 years ago (she’s doing great). The biggest side effects were damage to her teeth and loss of taste and smell. Her taste and smell came back very slowly over years but never got to where they were prior. I’m sure they’ve improved radiation process over the last several years for this type of cancer. Good wishes to you and your family.


Hi, thanks for responding.
My husband had a bone lymphoma in 2009 which was successfully treated with chemo. However there was follicular lymphoma mesenteric node which he has been followed regularly…oncologist said this was a slow growing cancer and because of location could not be removed…it has been stable in size.
In March, at his regular PET scan, new activity was noticed for the first time in right nasopharynx. Biopsy was done. Result similar to mesenteric node.
Biopsy was reviewed, another PET scan was done, case presented to tumor board. My husband was told that next step was MRI which would be scheduled in Sept. and that chemo was not suggested. MRI to determine if radiation is indicated or whether just need to be monitored.


I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's new development. Following because I've got unusual swelling in my nose.

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