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LynetteGable wondered about my Aug 9 visit to Mayo Spine. Well, they

Posted by @barbarosa54 in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Aug 24, 2011

LynetteGable wondered about my Aug 9 visit to Mayo Spine. Well, they made their evaluation and the information obtained will be presented to the operative committe which gets together monthly so whatever action they decide is best for any possible revision surgery for my failed lumbar spinal fusion with associate severe kyphosis will be known sometime between now and I suppose Sept 9. I was told that the committee had just met for their monthly assessment just prior to my visit on Aug Im "on hold". I am hoping for a LOT less invasive procedure than the one provide by another spinal clinic......or I will simply live out my days in my current condition. I dont think I can survive another full anterior-exterior staged operative procedure. I was 54 when the initial failed "virgin" surgery took place and lost 60 pounds recovering from that. Plus from everything Ive read additional anterior approaches build up incredible amounts of scar tissue....which increases the chance for infection and also slows greatly the recovery I am hoping that Mayo can either do the revision completely from the posterior approach or use techniques known as TLIF or XLIF which involve scopes to acess the front part of the spine....if that is even needed......simply wont know until I hear from Mayo


Posted by @barbarosa54, Aug 24, 2011

Forget this post, I finally figured out how to contact the person that was inquiring about my experience on aug 9

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