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Have had BC twice. 24 years ago & 9 years ago. Have had surgeries, Chemo, Radiation. Past year have had a bad flare up of lymphedema in left arm. Have been going to therapist, using wraps, Ultra sound , compression dressings, exercises, & only thing, I don’t have the pain anymore Still get the tingling in hand/fingers at times. I am on 2.5 mg Letrozole daily. Am getting “beside myself” with the lymphedema. Any help/encouragement would be appreciated. Thank You. Wishing everyone with BC the very best. We need to stick together.

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Welcome @theda to Connect and breast cancer group.
I’m so glad that you started this discussion about lymphedema. It is a side effect of breast cancer treatment that many women have to manage. I’m tagging @cosette @grandma41 and @paminmichigan as they have talked about lymphedema in the past. I hope they’ll share their experiences.

In the meantime, you may be interested in reading about this story on Sharing Mayo Clinic, where Angenette talks about microsurgery she got to help with lymphedema.

theda, you sure seem to be doing all the right things. I hope others have some suggestions.


my lymphedema has flared up again . I use the wrap at night, compression dressing during the day, and Flexi touch machine once a day. I there any oils that could be massaged unto arm to help swelling??


Hi @theda,

I'm sorry to learn that the lymphedema has flared up; you may notice that I merged your message about lymphedema with your previous discussion. I did this so that it might be easier to connect with other members who may be following this discussion. I’d like to introduce you to @sauvee @drueann @brigid123 @cindylb @geek_girl @amkaloha @jroberts87 @barbarah @cindylb @wsh66 @chamisa as the've discussed lymphedema in various conversations on Connect and might have more thoughts to share with you.

I'm also tagging @johnbishop who has shared some really valuable insights about his lymphedema experience in this conversation:
@theda, have you tried any massage treatments, for instance a massage technique called manual lymph drainage which may encourage the flow of lymph fluid out of your arm or leg?
What does your doctor recommend?


Hi @theda,

Have you and any tests done to check for any kind of blockage of the lymph system that would keep it from draining? I would definitely seek help from a lymphedema specialist. They can order tests for the lymph system to check for blockage. Since mine showed up mostly in my right leg I have no personal experience as far as the upper body. I did do a search and came up with a few links that may be helpful for you.

Arm Lymphedema following Breast Cancer Surgery

NIH National Cancer Institute — Lymphedema (PDQ®)–Patient Version


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