Lymph node swollen: Should I be concerned?

Posted by pugsleydee @pugsleydee, Jan 2 9:30am

I had a mastectomy of my left breast 4 years ago. No lymph nodes were involved. Today I woke with a pain in my left arm pit. I do not feel a knot of any kind. I am 79 years old. Should I be concerned?

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There are many reasons why a lymph node may be swollen … including recent vaccinations. That said, in light of your breast cancer history I think it would be a good idea to have this checked out by your breast cancer health providers. Hoping it’s not that 🌸 🙏


Hello @pugsleydee if it persists more than a few days you could make an appointment just to ease your mind, if it goes away, you can always cancel.
I find I get this quite often, and I had quite a few removed on that side. I always mark the day I will call for an appointment. I have yet to keep one of them.
My theory is that I get them because I have less lymph nodes to deal with the necessary amount of work. Did you have axillary node dissection?

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