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Lyme's Disease

Posted by @kdlh in Just Want to Talk, Nov 15, 2011

My twenty-six year old son has been struggling for many years, at leat four, with chronic exhaustion, blurred vision, which comes and goes, nausea, pain all over his body, and numbness of hands and lower legs. His main complaints are chronic fatigue and exhaustion. He never feels rested, even after 14 hours of sleep.

Dr's. are 90% sure that he has Lyme's Disease. He lives in North Florida and "was" an avid camper, hunter, and hiker. He has been bitten many times by deer ticks. However, he, to his knowledge has never experienced the hallmark bullseye as mentioned on this site and many others. (He has tested negative to Lyme's to date, but was told that the test was inaccurate at least 50% of the time.) He recently took another Lyme's test, one with 80% accuracy. His results may take up to 2 months, as they grow the culture for that length of time.

Any success stories regarding Lyme's, treatments, ect. would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Posted by @ross, Nov 18, 2011

You absolutely MUST watch the PBS special on Lyme's. If you can find a doctor who will provide the treatment described on that show you may well save your son's life. It is a terrifying show as you watch parents mourn their dead children and Dr's lose their license for treating (successfully) their patients. But it also offers hope as you hear the years long recovery stories of people like your son. Please find this show and watch it.


Posted by @kdlh, Nov 18, 2011

Thank you. I will look for the show. My son is doing some very out of the box things to treat his Lyme's. Hopefully he is on the right path, as he has made some progress. Again, Thank you.


Posted by @ross, Nov 19, 2011

What you will find on the show is that what works is the long term (2 years and longer) use of antibiotics. Person after person and doctor after doctor are interviewed and they all agree that long term use of antibiotics brought them back from the brink.


Posted by @kdlh, Nov 19, 2011

Again, thank you! My son will need to be on IV antibiotics.

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