Lyme Disease/ Fibromyalgia Warning & Help!

Posted by Sundance(RB) @sundance6, Oct 2, 2019

To those of you who suffer from either one of the above, I'LL GIVE YOU A WORD OF WARNING! DON'T OVEREXTEND YOURSELF! In the past year year I have done much research on the above dieases. Through it all one warning stands out! DON'T OVER EXTEND YOUR SELF! That means even though you are having a "GOOD DAY" it dosen't mean you can go out and do what you use to do!
I over looked that just recently! I was feeling like I hadn't felt in over a year. WONDERFUL! Not heading the advice I already knew!
I took three business trip of 500+ miles round trip in one day each!
All of a sudden it felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck! SHEER STUPIDITY ON MY PART!
I sleept 12 -16 hours a day again! No motivation to even do simple tasks! Joints started hurting, dizzeness, brainn fog!
So I tried to remember back two months ago what had helped me come out of it all.
The first thing I did then was to have an CBD oil massage! Second, I had enrolled in a Silver Sneakers Yoga class with an Angel for the instructor!
Since I was still in my Yoga class the next thing was the CBD Oil Massage!
So yesterday I had an hour and a half massage CBD Oil!
THAT WAS THE MAGIC BUTTON! After the massage and yoga class I came home absolutley HAMMERED!
Layed down when I got home. Had a light salad for diner. Went to bed early! Woke up this Am feeling WONDERFUL AGAIN.
So through this Ramble of mine the one thing I recomend for those of us with these two diseases, CBD Oil Massage!
It will work Wonders! I now have it penciled in on my calander to have one once a month. Yes I have to budget for the $140 but it is well worth it if it keeps me feeling well.
Take the time to check your area to have one done! You shouldn't be disapointed!

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