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lupus sle

Posted by @kellykay, Dec 13, 2012

it will be two years in feb 2013 that i was started as iritis in my left eye and was easy to detect because my mom has lupus.i have always been a positive person with a bubly personality but i can see my personality drifting doctor says thats normal since i have a chronic disease.i have alot of days that i am overwhelmed by fatigue and the thought of food makes me sick,literally.i take methotrexate every week and it does great but i also have alot of memory and concentration problems.doc gave me vitamin b but i think i need something more.i work 24 hr a week now,down from 40,and ive noticed that my weekends are filled with sleep and resting.i wish i could have the energy i had two years ago but i am thankful that i was diagnosed correctly and quickly.



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Posted by @anon26306285, Jan 24, 2013

You are lucky to have a diagnosis, but sorry you have lupus at the same time! I’m still waiting after a year and a half with every symptom known for lupus and/or MS. I have also been suffering from this slump mood, used to be so outgoing! I’m to the point of frustration! I completely emphasize with you!

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