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Posted by @roysbaby in Women's Health, Aug 7, 2011

I think Im getting the run around after being diagnosed with lupus is this possible?

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Posted by @kellienurse, Nov 27, 2011

I feel ya! Still waiting on my Dr. to give me all the results of my test. He called my dermatologist and told her some of my test have already come back + for Lupus and she did skin biopsies of my "hives" rash I have had for 2 months. Hoping Tuesday when I get results of skin biopsy he will give me the results of my test. Had to go to an after hours clinic Friday to get a shot of Cortisone for treatment of these hives which itch and burn like crazy, they were covering my entire body and all my dermatologist gave me was some cream.....cream...?????? really???? like I can coat my entire body with that and feel better...ugh. I just want this rash to go away! Also feel like my kidneys may be affected since I have been having so much fluid retention. I'll probably have to go find my own nephrologist.

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