Lung transplants and wait times

Posted by arlene618 @arlene618, Nov 2, 2018

Is there an average wait time for being on a transplant list? I have been on one for over 2 years and I think I am still on the bottom of a wait list? Does anyone else feel like they are getting worse with time yet they still are a low priority? I feel like I just can’t go on. Things are harder to do. Taking a shower cooking doing the dishes are all hard to do even with oxygen cranked up. What do the magic numbers need to be are far as breathing ctiteria. Is there such a thing?

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@gaylea1 I know that body size is a consideration because if a person is to small their liver won't be large enough for a bigger person and a large person's liver is to big for a smaller person. Depending on where you live I would think that a 30 score should have you close to the top of the list. My husband got his with that score, but it was during the summer. I don't think that transplants happen as often this time of year, which is frustrating when you are waiting. You have lots of support here!

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@jodeej yes I am very close to the top but am aware that others are being transplanted as the wait for the correct size. We our weather gets worse our donors seem to be on the rise. Thanks for your support and insight.


The best information I know of related to transplants and wait times is UNOS. I'd include a link, but I'm a new member, and the powers that be won't allow it. Regardless, it's

They are the folks who allocate organs in the US. You can drill down by region, state and transplant center. What becomes apparent is that wait times are not consistent region to region.

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Thanks for the information

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