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Lung Cancer & Salvia Gland Cancer

Posted by @thepharmom, Jan 28, 2012

My 64 year old husband’s PET showed two spots on his lung as being active cancer. A biopsy was done but it was inconclusive. A year prior he had a squamous cell cancer removed from his salvia gland and followed up with radiation. At the time they told us that the cancer was not the orgin. Now, 1 year later, I believe the originating cancer has shown. We are waiting to be referred to an oncologist and lung doc, considering asking for a second opinion at Mayo. Thoughts? Has anyone had anything similiar? My husband is in great shape otherwise….


Linda, Volunteer Mentor

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Posted by @llwortman, Thu, Mar 9 5:50am

Hi and welcome to connect:
I can understand your request for a second opinion at Mayo Clinic. I waited two years for my local doctors to do something about my choking cough and severe shoulder/back pain. Mayo doctors immediately found my lung cancer. It was because of their proper diagnosis and proper treatment I am alive, with a great quality of life. For 9 years all of my follow up is with Mayo Clinic. I know they have the best research and best doctors for me! Me feeling is you are doing a smart thing and will get the best care at Mayo. Thanks for sharing on Connect! Keep us posted, ok? You are not alone!
Hugs, linda

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