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Lump in wife's jaw

Posted by @jason753, Nov 19, 2011

To frame my question, my wife and I are in the DFW area. She doesn’t have insurance because we can’t afford it yet. She had her molars shatter some years ago because of shoddy fillings from her youth and since gets abscesses very easily when she has sinus infections. Now she has developed a rather large lump under her jaw bone in the front. Depending on how her sinuses are acting, it’s been growing larger and smaller, though now it’s elongating a little. I understand one can’t get diagnosis through a setting like this, but as she won’t go to Parkland, the local hospital that will take those without insurance, as they have already almost killed her and her youngest, so I’m hoping to get ideas of what it might be so I can work on convincing her to go to a sliding scale clinic I tracked down.



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Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 12, 2011

Why dont you go to a different hospital? Its the law. They have to treat you when you come in. Then at least you can rule out something other than an infection. If its an infection, they can give her an anti biotic.

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