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Lumbar fusion l5 s1 5 years ago now severe pain in lower back and left leg weakness and pain

Posted by @aquabug, Jul 11, 2013

I have had EMG and SEP test and they both showed within normal range. Bone scan normal. My MRI of the pelvis showed that the fusion L5 S1 preformed 5 years ago was still good. I had an MRI of the Thoracic spine and was told that I have T7-T8 a large right sided extruded disc. I have seen 2 neurologists and 2 neurosurgeons, my original orthopedic surgeon, been thru rehabilitation, now undergoing pain management. None of my doctors have explanation of the pain in my lower back and left leg weakness. I can walk for a short time without my cane, but eventually the pain gets the better part of me. I use a wheelchair if the walking distance is far. Pain in lower back and left leg weakness starts getting worse when I try to walk very far. I can feel the muscles in my back tighten and I have stop what I am doing and lie down. I spend a majority of the day in bed. I do have good days when the pain is not as severe. On those days I think I need to try to clean up what I can around the house. I then end up in the bed for the next few days in severe pain and the cycle never stops. I have not been able to work since last year. I want my life back. Please give me any suggestions if there are some test that they have not done yet that might show the reason for all my pain!!!

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Posted by @pamegannp, Sep 8, 2013

First and foremost have you seen a Mayo Clinic orthopedist about the issue?

My advice would begin there, and have you not yet sought one out, I highly recommend you do so. That being said, should you do so, and should there be any discrepancy between the advice I issue and the advice the Mayo Clinic doctor issues, go with their advice. For the sake of this discussion, what I’m about to say does not constitute medical advice.

Disclaimer aside, until such time as you’ve had your appointment and a personalized plan to help you relieve the underlying cause of the pain while (hopefully) keeping you comfortable in the meantime without the use of opioid drugs; my best suggestion is to use a topical pain reliever such as Biofreeze or Fast Freeze, along with a lower back support such as the lumbar sacral support seen in the photo here:

Most medical supply stores carry items such as the aforementioned, or you could order one online and save a few dollars. Either way, it should help hold you over until you can see a specialist and get a personalized game plan moving forward.

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