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Lumb in Neck (4*2 cm)

Posted by @debubiotech, Aug 19, 2012

Hello Doctor, I am having a swelling in the right side of my Neck from last 05 months. I went to General medicine doctor initially on 07-May-12 where doctor provided the medical terminology as ‘Submandibular swelling’. He given me some antibiotics and given CBP with ESR test and T3, T4 and TSH test. The Results of Hematology are – RBC – 4.83 (N); Hg – 15.3 (N); Red Cell Distribution Width – 10.9 (Low); Segmented Neutrophils in WBC – 39 (Low); Lymphocytes – 54 (high); ESR – 04; T3 – 106.39 (N); T4 – 9.20 (N); TSH – 2.27 (N). He suspected Cervical Lymphodenopathy and directed me to Surgeon’s opinion and possibly FNAC.
I went to surgeon after some time on 08-Aug-12 and Surgeon observed matted multiple cervical lymphocytes on right side, non-tender. He suspected Rt. Cervical Lympathy and Koch’s disease (TB). Given the test for USG Neck (matted lympathy); ESR (20, 35); X-ray chest PA view (Normal); Mantoux Test (negative); Quantiferon TB Gold (TB Feron) – Negative; FNAC Test (Gross – Swelling in the lateral side of neck measuring 4*5 cm from tp hard in consistency; Aspiration – Fine needle aspiration of the swelling revealed white gritty material with haemorrhagic aspirate; Microscopic Exam – Smears studied showed plenty of squamous epithelial cells with normal nucleocytoplasmic ratio aganist necrotic and haemorrhagic background; Impression – Features suggestive of epidermoid cyst. Advised further evaluation and follow-up). Doctor suggested to go for a Biopsy, however, he is having a little doubt on the FNAC results and therefore discussed with Radiologist where the point came out is a big lesion approx 4 cm long with 2cm thick mass. Doctor again advised to go for a FNAC from a different place and depending upon the result followed by CT neck contrast. The test result is due for tomorrow (20-Aug-12). The pathologist spoke to the doctor where he mentioned of something called as PUS. He could take out 1ml of the mass during FNAC. He mentioned to go for other specific test in the same region.
I am confused now as what it may be. Am I suffering from some deadly disease. Please provide suggestion and your thoughts going through my current medical condition. Please note that I don’t have Fever, pain, significant weight loss (very minute happened in last quarter), cough. I don’t have any past medical history and I am average smoker. I do lead my daily Normal life without any issues. Please let me know what I should do now. Is that Biopsy would give a clear picture or CT scan or MRI. I am not sure. Please help me. I want to get rid of the same as early as possible.


Patty Jean

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Posted by @pattyjean, Oct 14, 2012

Your case sounds quite similar to mine. I have cancer of the tonsil and lymph node in my neck. I would advise you to be seen by an ear, nose,throat doctor. I just went to a wonderful doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix,Arizona. I am so fortunate to have my surgery there. They have the latest technology. It is set for October 31. I hope you get the treatment you need.

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