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Low white blood count - continues to decrease

Posted by @advocate, Jul 13, 2012

My routine blood test in April 2012 showed a WBC of 3.93 and RBC of 3.92. (August 2011, WBC 7.42, RBC 4.37) I’d found out most recent results because I requested copies of my tests. Also found I had Vit. D of 7. Notified my dr. , had repeat labs done in June and found my WBC was now 3.17. Dr. said I must have an infection or virus for some time, WBC working to fight it off decreasing the count and immune system compromised so liable catch colds, etc.

Well saw him today and when I said how fatigued I have been these many months, he said I might need to have a sleep test. When I said how profusely I’d been perspiring, feeling unwell, he said we all do in the summer heat! I said that I also had episodes in the the Winter when I perspired profusely and when it happened I felt most unwell. I also suffered a terrible staph infection on my arm after having some laser treatment.

Well on the assumption that I had some type of infection I suggested t a urinalysis to rule out any underlying infection.
We also decided for a consult to immunologist and hematologist in August. As he’d come to a dead end with me about the sleep test (oh come on! does lack of sleep lower wbc?).

Has anyone been through something similar to this?
I think I’m going about this the right way, but do welcome any advice and some reassurance.

Thank you so much.


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