Low pulse Oxygen: Related to COPD or Heart Condition?

Posted by johnbuckler @johnbuckler, Oct 10, 2018

Hello I’m 55 And Disabled I have Copd and a left bundle branch block and my Oxygen leveled change Rapidly I Was at Dr Yesterday And when Walking my Oxygen level was 97% but when Setting it dropped to 91% lbs due to 5 knee Surgery and need Another but I’m confused why my Oxygen levels are Backwards from Normal what happens when Walking And Rest!
I use a Nebulizer with Ibtropium and Abutarol and Dulera!
Can this Odd symptoms be My Heart Condition?

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This is strange- check with your doctor!!


Hi @johnbuckler welcome to Connect! Having your pulse oxygen levels lower when you walk, and raise when you sit is very odd and must be confusing for you.

@bb729 also has COPD and mentioned previously that he has experienced low oxygen levels before.

As @merpreb said it would be best to check with your doctor. Did they say anything to you about this when they read your levels while at the dr.’s office?


Hi John. Last fall my pulmonary doc had me a walk test to check my o2 with activity and then at rest. To my surprise my o2 was ok for me (89-91) while walking but at rest dropped to 84%. I was told that was because it used my bodies reserve. so I used o2 and we did the same thing and at rest it went 86% so we turn it up to 3l and at rest went to 87% which they said was fine,. So basically I went in only needing o2 at night to needing at night and for activity. When I'm just sitting it usually ranges from 88-92%which is good for me. My wife thinks I've had COPD much longer than the docs and my body has adjusted to it. When iI finally went on disability my monologist said he couldn't believe I had 2 years ago, so maybe she's right.

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