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Strong Enough 2011

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low platlet count, easily brusing and swollen lymph nodes

Posted by @strongenough2011, Nov 10, 2011

In Aug of this year I had a lymph node bioposy done of my neck and it came back as “beign reactive lympoid hyperplaisa”.

From Jan of this year till present, I have lost 10 pds, swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin, easy brusing and alot of being tired all the time. My endocromologist (for my thyroid) sent me to Mayo in Aug. The interal med dr there did alot of tests, the ones that concern me was the blood work. ALot of my stuff came back as borderline low and my red and platlet count came back as low. Some of my neutrophils and other white counts were low to.

This dr was not worried about it and did not tell me anything to do for any of this despite the fact that i am still loosing weight , ect……..he had mentioned seeing a hematologist……but he has not recommend one.

Should I see a hematologist just to ease my mind and get them to look over my blood work?



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Posted by @fyema, Nov 12, 2011

Check out. Mds myloplastic. (spelling)

Strong Enough 2011

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Posted by @strongenough2011, Nov 14, 2011

thanks for the info. I have read about this before but don’t really understand it.

Can you explain this to me? I am just very confused. The dr at Mayo said there was nothing wrong with me except mild anemia……..that was in sept of this year when i went and i still have swollen lymph nodes one of which he noted as being as possibly being 7 cms. Now I am not an except of any kind but to me that is rather big. The one my dr took out was alittle over 2 cm.

No one has been able to explain what “reactive lymphoid hyperplaisa” means, one said it was just inflammation which none of my blood work showed. My 20 tubes of blood that was drawn at Mayo showed my Hct count slightly low, My RBC was low, MCHC was slightly high, Platelet count low (normal was 150, mine was 136), MPV was slightly high, my SEgs/Neuts was slightly high, normal was 44.4/70.9, mine was 72.6.

Also my Eosinophilis percent was low, 0.4, normal was 0.8 to 7.2, also my Eosinophils absolute was low, 0.03 x 1000, normal was 0.05-0.50.

So i really don’t know what to do. Over the weekend, I was playing with a friend of mine’s 2 year old and she had a hard baby doll, we somehow colidied and now I have a nice purple briuse on my cheeck. It was swollen in a matter of seconds and turned purple. We didn’t even hit that hard. SO I am concerned…………

any suggestions?

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